Career mentoring for students

We offer a range of mentoring solutions for prospective and current students to help you make a positive step as you kickstart your education and professional careers.


  • Selection of courses
  • University applications
  • Jobs & Internships
  • Academic writing
  • Job search
  • Academia to Industry


Career consulting for academics

We assist academics at various stages with research management, funding applications, data analytics and other research services to make positive steps forward in the tough world of academia.


  • Research management
  • Research funding
  • Data management
  • Data analytics
  • Statistical consulting
  • Personalized mentoring


Data-driven business solutions

We offer data science, analytics and engineering solutions to businesses to help them understand customer data and provide actionable data-based insights and solutions.


  • Data science
  • Business intelligence
  • Scientific consulting
  • Predictive analytics
  • Data management
  • Data visualization